The latest update of Minecraft, version 1.20, is fast approaching and will bring players new monsters, blocks, biomes and features. Among which stands out the recently announced Archeology, which in turn adds hidden treasures that can be discovered using a new tool: the Brush.

Upon its appearance, it seems to have confused many players as to how to craft it, especially since many players refer to it as the Copper Feathered Sword due to its design. So, to clarify all these doubts, we will explain what it is and how to make a brush in Minecraft with what a copper and feather sword is.

What is the Copper Feathered Sword in Minecraft?

You see, the Copper Feather Sword is a running joke among the Minecraft community regarding the new crafting design and brush recipe.

The previous design resembled that of a guitar pick with the recipe of two sticks and three strings in a horizontal pattern. Now, with the latest experimental update, the recipe has been changed and the brush needs copper, a staff and a feather.

This led to many players joking that he would now create a Copper Feathered Sword in Minecraft, which would deal tickle damage to pesky mobs in the game. The weapon is not in Minecraft and will not appear probably never, but many can’t ignore the similarities in Brush’s recipe design.

How to Create a Brush in Minecraft 1.20

Let out the recipe Brush in Minecraft this has changed, many will have to relearn how to do it, and so they will be able to search for the new treasures.

To create a brush in Minecraft, you will need:

  • 1 feather
  • 1 copper
  • 1 palo

You can get the feather by killing a chicken. You can then get the staff by chopping down a tree, processing the wood into planks, and then processing those planks into sticks. Finally, copper can be found in caves and underground, just like other minerals.

Then, when you have all the necessary materials, head to a crafting table and place the feather, the copper ingot and the stick in a vertical line in the center of your table, with this you will create a brush. It should be noted that this recipe might have changes, since the 1.20 update is still in testing.

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