Minecraft released the Wild Update, version 1.19 for both Java and Bedrock, and indeed we will have a very difficult Warden to beat. Know everything about the update Here!

We can finally say that version 1.19 of Minecraft, the Wild Update is now available so much for Java as for Bedrock. After the year that the Mojang game accustoms us to expect, the 1.19 It debuts with great expectation from the community. Next we will tell you everything new that this already has update. First of all, if you want to download the Wild UpdateI leave you the Minecraft page that will be useful to you.

what we didn’t know

While there were some things like the Warden or the mangroves that we already know that they would arrive since last year, in recent months there have been many changes. The most popular of them is the firefliesmob that Mojang removed because they are poisonous to frogs. Instead, Minecraft’s new amphibians will be able to eat Slimes and Magma Cubes.

The novelty of Magma Cubes brings with it a new block, which we can get when a frog eats this mob: Its about Ranaluz. Las ranaluces is a block of illumination (clearly) which will have three different colors: green, yellow and purple. colors are determined depending on which frog eats the Magma Cubethat is, it changes depending on whether it is a frog cold, warm or lukewarm.

The Ultimate Warden

After two years of waiting we can finally test the Warden, the monster with the most life in the game. This new Warden surely it’s him mob harder to beat, even more than the Wither Boss y el Enderdragon.

This new Boss will come into action once the squeaker activates for the fourth time, that is to say that you make noise four times. The fifth time the chillador is activated, you will have the darkness effect, which makes the user see much less. With respect to Warden itself, we will not be able to get around it with a pillar of 3 or 4 blocks, since can launch a ranged attack every three seconds. this attack always get 4 hearts, regardless of the armor the player is wearing. For its part, the attack on melee can one shoot even if wearing full netherite armor.

Other details

Among the other aspects that we already know about the Minecraft version 1.19 we meet him biome of the mangroves. Here will be a new mud floor and new mangrove wood, which will be red. If we use the mud blocks and combine them with wheat we can form the adobe blockwhich is purely decorative.

The new ones mob that arrive in addition to Warden Are the frogs and the allaythe “Vex bueno” chosen by the community. For its part, we will also have the new Quick Stealth enchantment, which will have three levels and we can only get in the Ancient Citythe new structure of Warden which is generated between height -1 and -64.

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