Valheim has just made its long-awaited console debut, roughly two years after survival sim Viking made waves on PC in 2021. The console port also looks pretty solid, at least in its opening hours, the two Xbox versions containing smooth performance modes.

Turns out Xbox was apparently instrumental in bringing this game to console in the first place. After Valheim spent some time in Early Access on PC, Microsoft expressed interest in bringing the game to Xbox Series X and S, as detailed in an interview with the developer on the XEP Podcast.

Here’s what Iron Gate Studios’ Jonathan Smårs had to say during the chat:

“At some point, I think (Xbox) reached out and was interested in seeing this on Microsoft platforms. I don’t really know the details about it.”

As seen in the quote there, the developer does not know the details of any type of agreement between the Valheim publishing team and Microsoft. For now, however, Iron Gate Studios isn’t planning any other console releases of the title, though that may change in the future.

“Right now we’re only looking at Xbox. But you never know.”

Whether there’s some sort of exclusivity deal or not, Valheim is a great option for Xbox Game Pass, especially on day one of the game’s console launch. is a quick and easy download, with less than 2 GB of data on Xbox Series X|S.

Have you ever tried Valheim? Let us know what you think below!


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