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The Microsoft Rewards program on Xbox has become more reliant on achieving achievements this year, with the March 2023 monthly bonus round requiring five achievements as part of the to-do list for 2,000 points. Plus, you can earn 50 points per day by completing an achievement, and it adds up in the long run!

With that in mind, we wanted to draw your attention to one of the current Xbox Games With Gold, which was actually part of the February roundup: it’s a game called guts and goals. It’s full of easy achievements, from completing the tutorial to winning a match. Here are some examples:

  • Final Tutorial (10GS)
  • Buy something from the shop (15GS)
  • Play a Versus Game (15GS)
  • Play a mini game (30GS)
  • Win a match (90GS)

There are plenty more easy achievements on offer here, so if you’re struggling to max out your Microsoft Rewards points, it’s definitely worth keeping this game on the back burner.

You’ll need to act fast, because Guts ‘N Goals is only included in the Xbox Games With Gold program until March 15, so if you don’t claim it before then, you’ll lose your chance to get it for free. Come on… grab it now!

Any other Microsoft Rewards tips to share for achievements? Let us know below.

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