Raids are at the heart of Meet Your Maker. This is what we encourage you to do before diving into base building, and it will keep you busy every time you log in for a quick session. However, the community is great at building the deadliest possible bases that will kill you at every turn and make you feel like you can’t conquer them. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you master raiding in Meet Your Maker, meaning no base can ever shut you out.

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Tips and Tricks for Raiding in Meet Your Maker

Below, we’ve listed all the tips we wish we’d had when we start making inroads into Meet Your Maker. If you’re having trouble getting through the bases and stealing the Genmat indoors, read through them to see if there are any tactics you can use to improve your focus.

Destroy traps as you go

Gamepur screenshot

Destroying a trap will earn you XP, but you will also get coins if you manage to destroy a trap before it triggers. When you see a trap in the distance, shoot it to disarm it before it has a chance to kill you. Keep in mind that builders will place traps nearby to try to catch you while you collect your ammo. You must also destroy any traps you encounter, even once they are triggered. This will ensure that he doesn’t come back to haunt you when you leave the base.

Check holographic blocks everywhere

Gamepur screenshot

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Holographic blocks are the easiest way to die against an invisible threat in Meet Your Maker. Builders love to place them as a floor with a trap or guard beyond, taunting you, only to have you fall to your death on an acid block below. They can also hide deadly guards in a side passage until you get past them, resulting in a quick death from an invisible assassin. Take your time as you walk through a base and measure each aisle. You can see the holographic blocks glowing, almost bending at the edges. Check any suspiciously placed blocks to see if they do, and you should dodge any tricks the builder has in store for you.

Check again for traps on the walls and floors.

sneaky-trap-know-your-makerGamepur screenshot

We’ve been caught by traps on walls and floors countless times because the builder cleverly hid them using stickers and a messy collection of block types. This is an advanced tactic that builders will use on the toughest bases and you will get. Even once you’ve grabbed the Genmat, keep an eye out for hidden traps in cluttered hallways and rooms where you can barely make out the traps from the walls.

Escape the bomb traps

flee-meet-your-makerGamepur screenshot

There are two types of bomb traps. One that will drop a collection of bombs at you that explode and destroy everything in their path, and another that throws energy orbs at you. Both are dangerous and difficult to deal with, so we recommend running away from them. The bomb trap only goes off once, so you can activate it, run away, then come back to deal with what’s left. Power Bomb Traps are meaner because they need to be triggered to defuse them. Shoot them from afar to clear an area and take care of everything else with your melee weapon.

Learn to back away when a trap is triggered

fire-trap-know-your-manufacturerGamepur screenshot

When a trap or guard is triggered, you’ll get a nice red indicator on the screen that tells you where the danger is. This almost always leads to panic and death will quickly follow. We recommend that you learn to walk away from the path you are on so that you do not find yourself in the path of spears or stray balls. It goes against all logic in video games, but if you hover, you’ll play right into the hands of the builder and die.

Look for creative solutions

step-base-meet-your-makerGamepur screenshot

Some bases look simple from the outside, others are hulking giants that strike terror into your soul. However, all of them are beatable. The path the reaper takes through a base is best, but it will be littered with traps and guards. Often there is a different path you can take, a path designed for the builder themselves because it is easier. Find alternate routes through a base or simply bypass its toughest defenses. Routes that give you an advantage over guards or a vantage point over traps. If you’re having trouble with the main path, there’s usually always a better way around the bottleneck.


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