Free Fire debuts Sonia and we tell you how to win with her “Nano Lifeshield” ability.

Free Fire’s latest update introduces a new fighter with an ability that is sure to please players who are fond of aggressive gameplay.

Fresh character in Free Fire. The recent Battle Royale update not only brings tweaks to weapon stats, but also introduces Sonia, a new character that offers an intriguing option. Find out who Sonia is and how to get the most out of her ability on the battlefield.

Garena has described Sonia as follows: “Sonia’s incredibly high IQ comes at the expense of her ability to empathize with others. In her opinion, both the human race and the world she inhabits are deeply flawed and the only cure is technology.”

Now let’s meet her main ability: the Nano Lifeshield.

After taking fatal damage, he enters an invulnerable and immobile state for 0.5 sec. Then, it gains a 150 HP shield that lasts for 3s. If the ability user knocks down an enemy while the shield is active, it restores the same amount of HP as the shield; otherwise, the ability user will be eliminated. Cooldown: 180 sec.

Tips for using Sonia in Free Fire

The best tactic to make the most of this skill in Free Fire is to use it strategically in critical situations, because the cooldown time is long for the pace of combat.

After activating the ability, it is crucial to take full advantage of the shield and seek to knock down the enemy to get the HP bonus. This makes it possible for you to be aggressive in the matches but being very attentive to what is happening in the combat scenario. You should have a hunter’s perspective and not so much run away after activating the skill.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if you fail to take down an enemy during the shield duration, the player will be eliminated. Therefore, it is essential to assess the situation and make quick and accurate decisions.

Communication with the team and coordination of movements can be key to maximize the benefits of this skill and ensure survival on the Free Fire battlefield.

FREE FIRE : Weapon Adjustments

Rifle settings:

XM8: Accuracy +15%.

SMG settings:

Thompson: Damage +4%.

MP40: Damage +8%.

Bizon: Damage +10%, ease of use optimization

Shotgun adjustments:

M1887: Range -15%, reload speed +10%.

M1014-I: Range -12%, accuracy +20%.

M1014-II: Range -12%, accuracy +20% M1014-II: Range -12%, accuracy +20% M1014-III: Range -12%, accuracy +20

M1014-III: Range -12%, accuracy +20% M1014-II: Range -12%, accuracy +20% M1014-III: Range -12%, accuracy +20

Charge Buster: Range -20%, charger capacity +1

Trogon: Ease of use optimization

MAG-7: Ease of use optimization.

Pistol settings:

M1917: Damage -13%, rate of fire +6%.


Shooter’s grip: in addition to the original base, rate of fire -3%.

Grenade: Burst range -10%

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