The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is finally here and players are excited about the new edition of the popular series. Well, at least on the console.

PC gamers, on the other hand, are currently plagued by a number of technical problems that are clearly gnawing at the fun. For most of the time, the user ratings on Steam were “mixed” and only recently made it to “Mostly positive”.

Some annoying systems of the original game have been improved by the Legendary Edition, but if the technology is not right, it causes a lot of frustration.

A common cause of a bad rating is that the Origin app will launch even if you bought the title on Steam. Although this happens to all EA titles that you buy on Steam, it still causes frustration for many players. Mainly through the release of the new EA desktop client, which will replace the Origin app in the future.

This cannot be opened at the same time as Origin, but the Mass Effect Legendary Edition still uses the latter to start, which means that you first have to use the Task Manager to close the EA desktop client. While this isn’t a big deal in and of itself, it’s annoying enough for many gamers to leave a negative rating.

Many players are also annoyed about the camera in Mass-Effect-1. So, to many, it seems like Mouse Acceleration is turned on, even though there is no option to turn it off. The camera seems to spin at very random speeds every now and then, which makes for an annoying gaming experience.

Ultrawide enthusiasts are not entirely satisfied with the new edition either, as the game’s various cut scenes only run in 16: 9, with black bars. With the large number of cut scenes in the Mass Effect series, it is understandable that players will eventually get tired of the black bars.

Furthermore, there seems to be no FOV slider at all, which is a little strange since the Legendary Edition has its own photo mode in which the camera can be manipulated as desired. FOV sliders are often a hot topic of discussion and it is only a matter of time before PC gamers find some way to increase the FOV.

One of the biggest criticisms is the lack of graphics options and the fact that the title simply doesn’t look as good as some gamers expected. The performance also seems to be a problem for many, with some players the title also crashes regularly.

Apparently, voice output and subtitles cannot be set to different languages ​​either, which shouldn’t be a big problem, but is simply annoying.

Of course there are also a number of positive reviews, so many players are happy, for example, that you can skip the elevator scenes from Mass-Effect-1. In the meantime, around 77% of the almost 1,700 user reviews on Steam are positive, so overall the remaster seems to be a success.

Some of the frustration factors should also be fairly easy to fix with patches.

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