There is a girl with a rebellious character, whom we have been able to meet in the DC comics, and who has grown over the years, bringing new versions to her pages, fighting great battles and being part of some of the most popular teams. more important that There have been.

We are talking about Zatanna, the daughter of Zatara, one of The Team’s members and currently a member of the Justice League. This flirtatious and powerful girl is compassionate and often arouses the trust of others, she adores her father above all else, and it was he who taught her a sense of duty.

She is Maddie, a beautiful model and cosplayer from the United States who has wowed us with her own cosplay versions of some of the most beloved characters from comics, video games and anime. You can find her on her official Instagram as @matteiie, where she has over 112,000 followers and a rich cosplay gallery with lots of great cosplay where we see her showing off in all her glory in front of the camera.

This girl has a long and interesting list of spells, but also weaknesses, like being speechless or hoarse, could be a big disadvantage for this heroine, as she needs to verbally recite her spells for them to work. She has an interesting track record in the field of love, because she has robin, mugwort and the Miss Martian.

Zatanna fans continue to wait for the magical moment when the girl hits the screen in a live action version, for now we are reassured to know that beautiful cosplayers are giving us charming versions of this beloved character. of DC Comics.

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