A new game-breaking bug is apparently preventing Lost Ark players from progressing, even in Valtan Raid.

According to a user on Reddit, the bug, which is believed to have been introduced in the MMO’s most recent update, causes your item’s UI to get stuck on the mouse pointer, essentially prohibiting you from doing anything else.

In a thread titled “GAME BREAKING VALTAN BUG screwed up the entire raid by not being able to click”.

The Lost Ark player even added a video to exemplify the problem:

From numerous responses from other players, it appears that this is not an isolated issue and appears to be affecting gameplay outside of the raid as well.

For now, it seems like just quitting the game is the only way to “fix” the issue, which is incredibly frustrating for players in the middle of a complex raid.

GAME BREAKING VALTAN BUG ruined the whole raid by not being able to click !!!
by u/Sagezu in lostarkgame

Lost Ark is available for PC.

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