SSuper Mario Bros is, on its own, one of the most important franchises in video game history. Curiously, the first appearance of what he claims to be its most iconic protagonist did not take place in this saga, but that they were created in the mythical Donkey Kong of 1981.

The debut of the plumber, who was actually a carpenter when he first appeared, marked the start of something far bigger than anyone would have expected at the time. Be that as it may, he repeated in as many titles of the gorilla, because he only named a game in 1983.

Went with Mario Brothers, title that –originally– came to Arcade, Game & Watch, FamicomNES, Atari 2600 and Atari 5200 machines. countless video games until it became what it claims to be today. : One of the most iconic figures in the industry and one of the most famous people in the world.

The best Mario games of all time

During all this time, in addition, it has also appeared in other formats, from the small screen to comics, toys, board games, cards, etc. His presence has spread across many formats, with one of his most recent adaptations being Super Mario Bros: The Movie, a film released in March 2023 that chronicles some of his most intense adventures.

For this same reason, with Mario fever soaring, we at MARCA Gaming wanted to stop for a few hours to tell you about what, for us, are the best Mario games that have ever been made. We will take as a reference those who are part of the main saga with its most notable spinoffs, but leaving aside those in which their participation (or that of any other relevant character) is not the main one.

That said, we remind you that the following top is purely subjective and that in addition, we have tried to include titles with different characteristics to have the most varied tier list possible.

Super Mario Sun

Another game that could go a little more unnoticed, but which stands out by offering us something different from what we are used to in the Mario platform. In this case, we had to face a most unique adventure where our objective was to clean all the dirt we found in the world. Very crazy, really. And very funny too.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

A game that, personally, we really liked. Both in its first episode and in its “sequel”, the XCOM-like union of Mario and the Rabbids not only seems very original to us, but terribly funny. Well designed so that everyone can enjoy its strategic style and level design, it has everything we could ask for in this Mario sub-saga.

And while he almost always takes a back seat when it comes to Mario, it’s believed he’s done more than enough credit to have his own name and identity within the saga. Without delay, is a very original game in the idiosyncrasies of the plumber and his friends. Bet on something different and that’s why we love it so much.

Super Mario World

For many, Super Mario World is the game with which they discovered Mario. It’s a legendary one that has aged relatively well thanks to its graphics section. Difficult as himself, he ended up becoming a real headache for thousands of players, but… It was worth it, no doubt. It’s another very iconic game with an outstanding soundtrack and wonderful gameplay…even if you wanted to tear your hair out of your head sometimes.

super mario 64

Super Mario 64 is, on its own merits, one of the most iconic and beloved Mario games. Today, there are thousands and thousands of gameplays that can be found about it, as well as videos about sights, speedruns, etc. how i play, the truth is that the SM64 has aged much less than we would like to admit. Even more when compared with more modern 3D games.

Despite this, it still has a very magical charm thanks to the beautiful design of its sets. It may be so high because we have a special affection for it and the reality is that it should be a little lower, but…Il César what belongs to César and history has something to do with it.

Luigi’s mansion 3

Luig’s Mansion 3, and its two previous games as well, are a bit special to us. In addition to putting this “many forgotten brothers” as the protagonist, It features really fun dynamics and gameplay. Without leaving aside this attachment to the family, he dares something a little scarier while exploring the universe of Mario in a way rarely seen.

Super Mario Bros. 3

To be honest, we think Super Mario Bros. 3 might be the best Mario game ever, but we don’t want to get carried away with nostalgia. We understand that its contextual value is invaluable and that it is one of the best platforms ever createdbut it goes “badly” if we compare it directly with some more modern titles.

Respecting its value as an almost timeless classic, we always ask a very simple question when in doubt in these cases: “Ask a child which one is the funniest”. Although we are totally convinced that they would have a good time with SMB 3, it is clear that the gameplay and / or graphics of other more modern titles end up playing a trick on it.

Despite all this, we do not want to detract from what was achieved in this mythical 1988. In other words, even with everything, we continue to believe that Super Mario Bros 3 It’s one of the best games in Mario history and it can’t be below the top 5. This is, without a doubt, a real video game past; stimulating and fun, it marked a before and after in the franchise.

Mario Maker 2

We wanted to value very positively Mario Maker 2 simply and simply for its community. The idea of ​​MM2 is quite simple, since it is a level designer where everything is done by the users. To be honest, it’s not – far from it – one of the best games either by design or concept.

However, its community is so faithful and constant that we cannot but give it a very meritorious position. It deserves it, because it is one of the games that offers the most hours of fun. In fact, it’s “infinite” in the sense that there are always new things to try. There are challenges of all kinds, from expert to novice, with plenty of variations and super-worked tributes.

Mario Maker 2 is not one of the best Mario games, but it has one of the most hardworking, consistent and built communities in the video game industry. Hat.

Super Mario Galaxy + Super Mario Galaxy 2

In order not to occupy two positions and end up with a list that is too short, we deemed it appropriate to unify Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 in a single post. We emphasize, in any case, the second part above the first, because it seems even more rounded to us. However, the first is also a real marvel. They are two truly great adventure games that follow the general formula of the saga, but with colossal brushstrokes of creativity and lots of playability.

It was full of very original mechanics in Mario idiosyncrasies and was able to bring something very new to a franchise that seemed too tiredFor. In addition, both the design of the worlds, the sets, the soundtrack and the graphics section are of the highest level.

Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is, in all likelihood, the best racing game in the franchise. And while it’s true that we really like the above, the quantity and quality of the content cannot be bought. Extremely fun and very well accompanied by the additional track packs, it is built like a title with a lot of content and a number of hours of brutal fun. In addition, the online plays very in your favor, since it is very easy to play with other people.

Super Mario Odyssey

Clearly, we understand that some Mario classics could stand out more than Super Mario Odyssey, but we consider that very few games in the saga have achieved what we. Well accompanied by a high quality soundtrack and superb graphics, it is an entertainment beast capable of devouring hours, hours and more hours of our day.

It’s one of the most, if not the most, fun ever made, taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s advantages almost perfectly. Its launch was a real bomb. And while it’s true that it didn’t cause any revolution in the saga or the genre of platforming, it does so many things so well that we just can’t help but crown it as the best Mario game. .

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