Halo Infinite continues down the road and little by little we are seeing 343 Industries release more major updates, be it fixing bugs and errors, as well as constantly adding new content for multiplayer. free to play which was released a few weeks before the campaign mode.

Players are also eagerly awaiting the addition of modes like co-op or Forge mode, which is rising in popularity these days due to the amazing creations we’re seeing from some users who are using an early stage of the editor.

New weapons are coming to Halo Infinite

Despite the fact that the first two seasons have been short of content for the players, everything seems to indicate that 343 Industries is working on several fronts so that things change from the third season onwards, because little by little they have been leaking details of projects that will be arriving.

And another leak that has reached different Internet pages is the filtration of the arrival of the DMR rifle to Halo Infinite, which can already be seen in images and in some video, either on Twitter or on YouTube channels.

It looks like the Halo Infinite content issues are really close to being over and we’ll be keeping a close eye on any news officially released from the studio.

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