IThe Troncos, Perxita’s team, have been one of the most recognized in the Kings League InfoJobs. After a great season, in which they showed that their draft was very good, they have now renewed themselves in the marketchanging all its players.

But before seeing them again, the new stars have already arrived at the Cupra Arena. In this case, it is Las Troncas, the women’s team led by Violeta, who hopes to have had a repechage at least as good as that of Perxita.. This will have to be demonstrated on the pitch, but in the meantime we already have the names of the 10 chosen.

Las Troncas FC Players

  1. Yolanda Bonn
  2. Antonelle
  3. Coral Martinez
  4. Eybis Medina
  5. Cristina Campos
  6. Zoraida Pichardo
  7. Gemma Torres
  8. Clara Martinez
  9. Naiara Caballero
  10. Ana Alcocer

The Queens twins, in Las Troncas

No, it’s not a program error. The Trunks have two players that at first glance will be difficult for the narrators to tell apart. Coral and Clara Martínez are twins, and now they will play together in Las Troncassharing, at least, this first season.

Coral Martinez She is a midfielder and was selected in the third round of the repechage. His sister, Clear, also plays in the same position, in midfield. According to statistics from the Queens test, Clara has better physicality and better shooting, and although they are very even in speed, skill and defense, Coral stands out with 14 more passing points.

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