IWe have reached the final stretch of the first “separation” of the Kings League InfoJobs. One more week, the teams will have their players number 12 to help achieve victory. As you know, these are footballers who were not in the repechage and who are generally former professional footballers

Every week we see changes in these 12 players and on that day we will have the Argentine as the main novelty Mauricio Del Castillo. He is the brother of Kun Agero, who went through teams like Independiente de Avellaneda and Tistn Suárez. Play, of course, in Kunisports.

Additionally, we will see players like Capdevila, Mantonvani and Nadir Louah, absent the day before. In the rest of the teams, they repeat the same as in the ninth day of the Kings League InfoJobs.

The 12 players of the 10th day of the Kings League InfoJobs

Here are the 12 players of the 10th day@KingsLeague

Below is the full list of the 12 players who will be part of the Kings League InfoJobs on Matchday 10. They are:

  • 1K FC – Alberto Bueno
  • FC Annihilators – Nadir Louah
  • El Barrio – Martin Mantovani
  • Jijantes FC – Ibai Gmez
  • Kunisports – Mauricio Del Castillo
  • Los Troncos FC – Joan Verd
  • PIO FC – Carlos Corvo
  • Porcinos FC – Hugo Fraile
  • Barcelona Lightning – Didac Vil
  • Saiyans FC – Joan Capdevila
  • Ultimate Mostoles – Sergio Garcia
  • Team XBuyer – Fouad el Amrani

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Kings League InfoJobs |  Here are the 12 players of the 10th day

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