Taking advantage of the event, they showed us some images of what will be the new installment of the legendary saga.

This April 10, 2022, the 20th Anniversary event of the Kingdom Hearts saga was held , one of the most recognized Disney franchises in the video game industry, and one of the most outstanding works of Square Enix. And in it they have taken the opportunity to show us not one, but two new games.

With a mobile title called Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link being a good sub title, all eyes were definitely on the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV, the fourth game in the main Kingdom Hearts saga.

Kingdom Hearts 4 official trailer

The new “Lost Master Arc” storyline will see Sora face off against a giant enemy in an opening battle that introduces you to Quadrantum, a city as huge as it is beautiful, which will seek to immerse players in a realistic world experience like nothing you’ve seen before. seen so far in Kingdom Hearts.

At the moment there is no confirmed date for Kingdom Hearts 4 nor have the platforms for which the game will be released been revealed.

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