A few weeks ago we saw the coronation of the Kawaii Kiwis in Liga Nexo. The Kiwis won the title after a spectacular BO5 against Stormbringers after winning the regular phase, and this final had its own name: Kaii. The shooter finished with a KDA of 10/39/23 and was the absolute MVP in a series which ended up defining them as the champions of the Spring Split.

Kaii spoke to MARCA Gaming after winning the titleand takes stock of its evolution within the competitive environment and He analyzed the team after the whole split.

Ask. How did you come to LoL?

Respond. I started playing when I was 8, because my cousin told me to, but I wasn’t very interested in it. Then the people I played with on the computer started playing too, when I was 12 or 13, and I got hooked and started playing little by little.

Q. Favorite Champion?

A. It goes in stages, but I would say Kai’Sa.

Q. When did you enter the world of competition? How did you register to compete?

A. I had just moved up to Masters not long ago, and in January 2021 I received an offer from Bis Esports, that they were looking for ADC, without me looking for it or anything. He says yes, and I spent a year there playing games, meeting people, etc., until 2022 when I joined Kawaii Kiwis. I haven’t changed my team a lot.

Q. So the offer came to you out of the blue.

A. Yes, yes. An MD came to me via Twitter from the man who was my trainer at Bis, I did the tests and I said: go for it.

Q. You are still quite young, only 18 years old, are you still studying?

A. Yes, I study, I do computer engineering.

Q. And how do you combine LoL with your studies?

A. I’ve never been one to spend a lot of time studying, so I get along pretty easily.

Q. You have been competing between Circuito Tormenta and Liga Nexo for just over a year, how have you seen the level of the league this split?

A. Well, the truth. I noticed there was a level gap in the middle of the table, it was a little uneven, but pretty good, better than the previous split.

Q. Given that the Kawaii Kiwis kept the roster pretty much complete, with the only trade being Rito for Thream, how important do you think the same team is from one split to the next?

A. Obviously if you maintain it you will start with more and better filming, the other teams have difficulty getting started… We generally notice, especially in these first days, that one team has already finished and that others teams are still evolving. Coins like with an advantage.

Q. What was the goal of the Kawaii Kiwis in the Spring Split?

A. The goal of all of us who were there is always to win, because it’s a competition and we all like to win, but if we didn’t win, that was fine as long as we kept improving and learning. Our secondary objective was to win, the main objective was to learn and improve.

Q. At the end of the split you had this situation of triple equality with Stormbringers and with Oxygen Valiants in which you risked winning the regular phase, how did you prepare for such an exceptional situation?

A. We knew the main game was against SB, and we tried to prepare well for this game. We didn’t win much either… (laughs) but against the Valiants we were pretty confident because we knew how to play against them and how to beat them, which we did. Thanks to the fact that we had the stuff for them, we went first, against SB it cost us a little more.

Q. Stormbringers is the only team you failed to win after the regular season, maybe it was also a more experienced team than yours, how did you approach this final?

A. We knew we could beat them, and when we saw the semi-finals, before playing, we almost knew that if we reached the final we were going to play against SB. More than anything, we were preparing for them, seeing how to make sure the game didn’t get out of control too quickly because that’s what happened when we played each other, and we knew that if we played well, we could perfectly win.

Q. In the final, you gave a scandalous level, were you nervous? How was your preparation for BO5?

A. We all have a routine before games and we all did the same thing as always. Personally, I enter the series a little nervous, but then I calm down and such… but nothing special.

Q. Do you consider yourself ready to take the step towards the professional competition circuit?

A. Being objective, I still have to improve. We’ll see what happens after this last split, but I think I still have to improve a bit more.

Q. Are you the best ADC in the League?

A. Mmmmm… Raziel gave a very good level, I think he is the best ADC in terms of perseverance.

Q. Will we see you at Kawaii Kiwis this summer?

A. I think so, I think that is what will happen, but we will see.

Q. A dream to come true.

A. Go to the LEC.

Q. What will you change in the semi-professional world?

A. According to the experiences that I have been told, there are clubs that say and promise certain things, then they do them to us… that’s the worst and it will have to be eliminated.

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