The Jokers signed their second victory of the season, against nothing more and nothing less than Movistar Riders. Those of Motroco show a better face at the end of the division, even if they only choose to be in last position. Hydra was the MVP for a crazy game that lasted almost 50 minutes.

Movistar Riders, ‘worm’

Runners got rid of a mess. After that loss, they were left with a 9-8 they needed to go with to secure the Playoffs on the final day against Los Heretics, but the Giants loss mathematically left them on the inside. Fresskowy kept Movistar Riders in the game with Gangplank after a game start pretty lazy with an Elise and a Kalista in their ranks.

The jokers held up well to the downpour, and with Camille, Syndra and Xayah at 45 minutes, the clowns fought back.. It was only then that the match was decided, with a team fight around the Nashor which ended with the goal and the game in the hands of those of Motroco.

Due to the results of the other games, this card had no impact on the rankings. Movistar Riders reach final day with options to finish 4th and face Los Heretics in their last duel before the Playoffs. On another side, The Jokers will play their last match in this Super League division against the Giants.

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