With the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date just over two months away, EA is giving us a look at some of the different droids that Cal Kestis, BD-1 and their companions will face in what looks to be one of the best wars out there. stars. games for a long time. With nods to familiar faces from the Star Wars prequels and animated series such as The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, you’ll encounter plenty of dangerous droids in Jedi Survivor.

Set five years after the events of Fallen Order, Jedi Survivor takes place right in the middle between the prequels and the original trilogy. In fact, Respawn says it’s set in the same year as the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi miniseries. As such, the Empire always packs a lot of droids with its trooper forces as their goal is to hunt down the last remnants of the Jedi Order.

Respawn Entertainment Design Director Jason de Heras and Production Director Kasumi Shishido go over some of the new enemies you’ll encounter on Cal’s journeys, including everyone’s favorite B1 battle droids (Roger, Roger ) and B2 heavy droids. ll recognize from attacking clones. Given how funny the enemy dialogue was in Fallen Order, we’re excited to hear what Respawn has planned this time around.

Of course, the iconic Rolling Droidekas will also make an appearance. “They’ve got the bubble shield, they’re rolling and integrating it into their melee, so you can’t just stun it forever,” de Heras told IGN, “It’s classic IP, you know .” , we have to use it.

Fans of The Clone Wars TV show will likely recognize the agile BX droids, which wield Vibro swords and are capable of taking on a Jedi, and the IG-100 Magna Guards. The latter are General Grievous’ elite bodyguards, and Heras promises that their unusual combat pace and counterattack ability are well placed to derail your strategy.

Stuffy KX security droids, also seen in Rogue One, return from Fallen Order, though a variation of the Enforcer model new to Jedi Survivor ditches grappling attacks in favor of a deadly stun staff, making it an enemy more traditional fighter type. .

Finally, the team reveals the DT Sentry Droids, a big brute seen in Star Wars Rebels and The Bad Batch. Shishido notes that fans of both series will immediately know how menacing they can be, explaining that Cal’s first encounter with one is a true “oh shit” moment. They can spawn equipped with a staff and missile, hammer, or blaster, but whichever variant you’re up against, they’re dangerous enemies that will keep attacking even if they’re lose a limb.

Be sure to check the Star Wars Jedi Survivor system requirements to ensure your PC is up to date before launch. In the meantime, another classic Star Wars game is back, and we’ve got more of the best PC action-adventure games to keep you busy until April.

Images via IGN.

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