Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands finally pointed the end of its magic gun on March 25, 2022. The new Gearbox production thus presents us with a spin-off of the Borderlands shoot saga, in an even crazier fantasy universe. Meet Panthaa and Jay for a Gaming Live, this Tuesday at 12:30 p.m.

Borderlands: Madness Returns

If you don’t know the saga Borderlands, this is a shooter / RPG series in a graphic style all its own. Gearbox’s tracks were able to shine with their free violence, well-placed lines, and many weapons. Speaking of which, fantastic weapons will complement your already well-stocked arsenal in older episodes. Indeed, your character, whose appearance you will fully customize, will have to arm himself in order to destroy everything in his path, in short, the classic Borderlands formula. It’s alone or with up to 4 players that you will have to defeat a very varied bestiary and beat tough bosses. The crazy Tiny Tina returns here as the narrator of this colorful story, and brings a breath of fresh air to an already well-established formula.

Borderlands of Might and Magic

Heroic-fantasy universe obliges, you will be immersed in the heart of different mythologies of the genre. From ancient Egypt to more Western myths, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands does not go with the back of the spoon when it comes to making references to other parts of our culture. Even if the title does not revolutionize its genre, it is with great surprise that we were offered to wield magical powers in battles that are still as epic and rhythmic as ever. Unlike other episodes, the new production offers you the possibility of creating a character entirely, but not only cosmetically, you will have to choose from different classes to start your adventure in this wonderful world. Here Gearbox applies the perfect model of character sheets adapted to our game screens. Once you have chosen your class, you will have to master magical powers ranging from conjuration to arcane magic. And yes, in addition to spitting the powder of your overpowered guns, you have the possibility of throwing fireballs, creating tornadoes or even doing area damage by cracking the ground.

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