If It Takes Two is one of the gifts you’ve found under the tree and you want to know how to have the best gaming experience possible, you’ve come to the right place. A little helping hand with the mini-games won’t hurt you either!

It Takes Two is a fully cooperative adventure game developed by Hazelight. In this sacred Game of the Year 2021 video game gem, you and the person of your choice play May and Cody, a couple who are struggling and who have decided to divorce.

Saddened by this choice, their daughter Rose uses a strange book to spell them out so they don’t go their separate ways. May and Cody meet again transformed into life-size dolls and are then forced to go through tests to understand why their relationship did not work and, in the long term, to regain human form.

It’s a colorful and emotional adventure that awaits you, so try to make the right choice when asking someone to play with you.

Our tips for making the most of It Takes Two

The basis of It Takes Two being cooperation, it is therefore essential to maintain a good relationship with the person with whom you will play. To be able to discover the magical adventure of It Takes Two in the best conditions, we advise you to think carefully before you start, and to consider the following tips:

Choosing the right partner

First and foremost, it is important to know the person you will be playing with so that you can communicate at best during the most difficult passages. The gameplay will be all the more fun if you are on the same page and manage to anticipate your playmate’s reactions.

And of course, don’t forget to communicate: share your ideas instead of launching into a maneuver without warning, you will avoid more than one muddle.

This is why we recommend, as far as possible, to play as a couple. You can perfectly play with friends, but the different situations and lines of dialogue will be more conducive to identification if you are in love, since everyone can find something familiar there.

It will also be easier from a practical point of view., at least if you live with your partner, because this will allow you to play more easily face to face, which is a real plus for the gaming experience.

Take your time

Another tip, which is arguably the most important, is to take your time. Do not hesitate to observe the environment and let yourself be absorbed by the dreamlike atmosphere of the game which is really worth it.

Especially since your curiosity will frequently bear fruit since it will allow you to come across elements with which to interact and even mini-games which can add several hours to your game counter.

Do not forget, however, that the game only lasts about twelve hours, so favor reduced play sessions if you want to make the adventure last.

Play together, but not only

In It Takes Two, it is important to know how to play together, but also to separate. If you stay together all the time during the exploration phases, you may miss interesting elements and even miss some very nice mini-games.

The same goes if you’re playing side-by-side: keep your eyes on your screen and your hands on your controller. If your partner can’t do something, give her advice rather than doing it all for her.

Be careful, however, not to go too far away! One of you might get a head start, but remember that sooner or later you will need your partner’s help to solve a puzzle. It would still be silly to miss the very principle of the game: cooperation.

Note that if you are a little fed up with mutual aid, you have access to mini-games that will allow you to play in competition. But be careful, this is not an excuse to get revenge on your partner.

It Takes Two mini-game guide

The exploration phases of It Takes Two will allow you to unlock a large number of mini-games essential for completionists but also to fully enjoy the game.

In these mini-games, you will go from a cooperative game mode to a more competitive dimension which will further boost the gameplay.

You can find below the complete list of It Takes Two mini-games along with explanations of how they work and how to unlock them

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