Istanbul Wildcats are the first EMEA Masters finalists after beating SK Prime in the semi-finals. The Turks did the same thing as against LDLC, they came out a bit sleepy and lost the same card, but then they beat the German runner-up by taking three cards in a row, some of them being a real party.

The Turks leave no doubt

After Riot went down to the Turkey region to the ERL, there were questions about how they were going to move up to that EMEA Masters level, but Istanbul Wildcats’ performance wipes them all out. The Turkish champions are killing it, and they’ve only lost three cards so far in this tournament.

They first made it through the group stage without too much difficulty, then they rose well above LDLC and SK Prime, with a BAO being one of the best in the competition. The Korean gave another show yesterday, and is gaping to all the ADCs in front of youincluding Flakked in the group stage.

Highlighting in particular the third game, which was a real party and which Champi came to baptize on Twitter as “Worst League of Legends game I’ve ever seen.”

Today it will be the turn of Los Heretics, who will be looking to advance to a final in which the Istanbul Wildcats are already waiting. The Heretics will need to beat UOL SE to then face Turks who beat them on both maps in the group stage.

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