Electronic Arts’ brainchild, Sims 4, gives players the ultimate power to create and micromanage virtual beings as they wander through life’s complex web of mundane activities and relationships. With numerous improvements and extensions it has become a timeless classic. The latest “Baby Update” introduced many great features related to baby education. You can start bonding with your little ones earlier than ever and prepare them for a lifetime of adventures. Prepare to give birth, adopt and change a few diapers. Wait, where’s the changing table?

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Is there a changer in The Sims 4?

Gamepur screenshot

You’ll find changers in The Sims 4: Grow Together expansion pack. However, if you don’t buy the extension, you’ll have to find another way. The kids’ update added some fun parenting features, but left out crucial and necessary items in the base game, like a changing table.

There are several solutions to this problem. If you don’t have a changing table, here’s what you can do with dirty diapers.

  • Put the dirty diapers on the floor. Then drag them to a nearby trash can or to your inventory; disgusting, by the way.
  • Add a trash can to baby’s room and let it do the dirty work for you. Remember that you will have to dispose of dirty diapers in this same room.
  • Use the recycle feature that comes with laundry items.

These three quick fixes can get the job done, but it’s quite a tedious process, which makes the update incomplete.

Many players think Infant Update is a glorified demo for the upcoming Growing Together expansion pack, which is meant to focus on family and childhood. The bottom line is this: if you choose not to buy the expansion pack, the baby upgrade makes babies as useless as a submarine’s screen door. All that will contribute to your gaming experience is increased frustration and annoyance.


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