Is The Last of Us Part I finally playable on PC?  A first patch implemented – Game News

Is The Last of Us Part I finally playable on PC? A first patch implemented – Game News

Coming to PS5, Naughty Dog’s Masterclass is now available on PC. Unfortunately, the port does not seem to be at the level…

  • The Last of Us Part 1 is available on PC

    A few months after its launch on PS5.

  • A catastrophic portage…

    Bugs, frame rate drops and crashes are among them…

  • A first patch implemented

    This fixes a few issues, but not everything is perfect yet!

  • PC version of The Last of Us Part I revealed

    Naughty Dog tells us more about the features and technical details.

  • Here are the required parameters

    You will need to be well equipped to enjoy the game in the best possible conditions.

  • Many optimizations to the program.

    The Last of Us Part I will support the best technologies for optimal rendering.

If the franchise enjoys a certain aura for the quality of these games, However, The Last of Us Part I for PC is very disappointing…

Is The Last of Us Part I finally playable on PC? A first patch implemented

Indeed, accessible for a few days to fans of the keyboard / mouse combo, Unfortunately, Naughty Dog’s software suffered from numerous technical issues. Gamers are notably facing lots of crashes, frame rate drops and various other errors… It’s not a terrible launch!

Developed by the Iron Galaxy studio, studio in charge of the port of Batman Arkham Knight in 2015, this PC version therefore seems to go in the same direction by offering an unworthy copy of the original work. Fortunately, the teams have offered a first corrective patch.

Thus, “he mainly focuses on stability and performance improvements and other minor improvements “. It is true that it is a good start, but there are still many other problems to be solved and We hope it will be like that very soon!

As a reminder, The Last of Us Part I is available on PC from March 28 on PC, after coming to PS5 in September 2022. Of course, despite the errors, the adventure remains just as qualitative and offers a perfectly mastered narration that highlights two characters that everyone knows: Joël and Ellie.

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