Is Cobblemon better than Pixelmon?  Minecraft Mods Comparison – Game News

Is Cobblemon better than Pixelmon? Minecraft Mods Comparison – Game News

There are several mods you can add to Minecraft, and two of the relatively similar competitors are Cobblemon and Pixelmon. These mods add a Pokémon-like experience to your Minecraft game, but you might be wondering which of these two options is best based on your playstyle and interests. How are Cobblemon and Pixelmon different? This is what you need to know if Cobblemon mod is better than Pixelmon mod in Minecraft.

Should I use the Cobblemon mod in Minecraft?

Cobblemon is an open source Pokemon Mon, where you can find many of your favorite Pokemon in your Minecraft game. When you first start the game, you can choose from several starter Pokémon, each of the regions featured in the traditional Pokémon game. This starter Pokemon will stick with you and get stronger when you use it against other wild Pokemon. These Pokemon come with unique stats, including random natures and abilities, similar to the traditional game.

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You won’t find Gyms while exploring the game, but you can treat it like endless exploration of the wilds of a Pokemon game and collecting any wild Pokemon you find. You can train your favorite teams, battle powerful wild Pokémon, and harvest apricorns that you find in the wild. The developers have taken care to create unique fading animations for the Pokemon game, adding another layer of depth for players. Many fans have also discovered that many other mods work with Cobblemon and newer Minecraft editions can be used with it.

Should we use the Pixelmon mod in Minecraft?

Pixelmon, to some, is a smoother, higher quality mod that slowly moved away from the blocky textures of Minecraft and started adding more traditional, smoother assets. Pokemon in the Pixelmon mod are much cleaner and look straight out of handheld games and art books. For some, it might not be an engaging experience, especially if you play Minecraft and want to see Pokemon art assets that match that aesthetic.

The Pixelmon team also has newer Pokémon in their game, bringing back those from the Paldea region that appear in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, keeping up to date with the latest games, and giving everyone several Pokémon to encounter on their travels. . There are also several unique gym towns to discover as you play, scattered around the world of Minecraft.

In between, Pixelmon requires you to use a few more commands to view simple stats, such as examining a Pokemon’s friendship, stats, and abilities. This can be extra work for players who don’t like using the controls as much.

How is Cobblemon better than Pixelmon?

For many gamers, Cobblemon may seem like the best option. This is because the Pixelmon team uses higher quality animations and has a few extra features. However, some players might enjoy Cobblemon a bit, especially since it’s a newer mod from a team that’s been actively working on creating more for the game.

The choice is up to you and these mods, so you can download one, try it out, and see if it’s right for you. You can freely switch between them and follow what the developers are working on from their respective websites. Both teams are actively sharing their next exciting project, excitedly showing off all the new changes they add with each update.


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