Fred Moulin answers our questions for his return!  – Game News

Fred Moulin answers our questions for his return! – Game News

Video game icon Fred Moulin is back after a long hiatus from writing Gamekult. For the occasion, he gave us time!

We learned a few hours ago that Fred Moulin, pioneer of TV JV journalism and former columnist for the eSport Club channel, is back on Gamekult! Although he was away from the sets for a few years, Fred decided to return to an industry that he particularly likes. The journalist took the time to answer some of our questions!

Pause to take a step back

You took a break, what did you do during it?

“I chose to return to my region of origin (the Rhône Valley), so I didn’t bounce on another medium. I worked for 20 years at Canal Plus, I traveled a lot. He wanted to breathe, to take a step back. In my area, there are people who have contacted me, I have collaborated with municipalities in esports events, video game events. I intervened with schools: El Campus del Juego and Escuela XP where I spoke about my background and the professions of audiovisual journalism. I have also created intergenerational workshops to mix generations and introduce older people to the richness and diversity of video games, and above all to show them that not everyone is violent and that it is not so complicated to control a character with a joystick. When I worked at Canal, I highlighted video games and creators, and that’s where I’m finally going, but in a different way. »

You left Canal Plus, aren’t there many regrets?

“Regrets, let’s say I left the channel because the channel decided to stop video games. I might be able to do some on other channels, but there are issues with PEGI where you can’t not show images of 18+ matches before 10 p.m., it’s quite complicated, I preferred to continue. There, I will work with people who are experts. What I like is to comment on this love for these games (and criticize).

The return to a specialized and demanding media

Why did you choose Gamekult?

“Because they asked me (laughs)! I worked on TV shows during my break, with students, associations. But it’s true that I missed talking about video games with people who knew them well. When Gamekult called me and was able to accompany me in my new life: I accepted. The conditions for carrying out this project suited me. Also, I liked the fact that they let me talk about the news of the week. It is also the desire to accompany the members of the editorial staff, they are very gifted in writing and I can accompany them in the audiovisual part. It makes me happy to be able to collaborate and work with the new team of the new Gamekult. It’s a site I’ve always cared about and always collaborated on with the old team. I like the positioning of Gamekult. When I was on Canal Plus, I spoke to subscribers, I was more in the presentation. What I like is being with people who do background tests and who have clear opinions. I love being on this record. I like to be surrounded and discuss with experts. . What I also liked is that we thought together about the look of the show, we tried to build an identity for this show. I worked on the writing but also on the content with the producer of the show. What pushed me to accept it is that I am passionate about video games. Even looking back, I never stopped playing video games. I continue to play that, I am always so passionate. »

What is this show going to tell us?

“The objective of the program is to come back with a little hindsight, on the news that marked the week. We also come back to the opinions and tests posted on the site during the week, with the journalists who wrote them. we also discuss the news a lot more than the other news of the week. And the future of Fred Moulin?

And the future of Fred Moulin?

Big projects to come with the editorial team or others?

“There are desires in relation to the show. I’m very happy with the first one, we’ll see the feedback, but we’ll see if we can change the program. We are in a journalistic debate, perhaps in the long term we will be able to include small reports. I would like to have one or more female journalists on the team. The choice to satisfy readers and subscribers is also at the center of our thinking. »

Games that have impressed you lately? What are you waiting for?

“I’m a big Gran Turismo player, I refrain from falling in love with PSVR 2, because I was able to try it by going to the editorial office and we are really immersed in the cockpits of racing cars, it’s complete delirium Otherwise, lately I have just started with Tchia, I find it very exotic and perfect for playing with my children, but in the evening, as soon as they go to bed, I launch Resident Evil 4 Remake (laughs). while waiting for We love katamari Reroll scheduled for the beginning of June, I’m a big fan of this saga. For the rest, I let myself go a little with the last episodes of the Assassin’s Creed saga which I really liked. I’m curious to see how Ubisoft will bounce back with AC Mirage. And then… I can’t wait to discover the next game from Naughty Dog studio.”

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