Interview: Finishing the stories of Atelier Ryza 3 characters – Game News

Interview: Finishing the stories of Atelier Ryza 3 characters – Game News

the story in Bigger Ryza is coming to an end, even though an anime is about to offer a new take on the story. People have spent four years watching Ryza and her friends grow since the original game’s debut in 2019. Now we see where the characters’ journeys will take them with Atelier Ryza 3 serving as the finale. To help understand what to expect, Siliconera sat down with Gust CEO Junzo Hosoi to discuss the game.

Jenni Lada: When did Atelier Ryza 3 development start? Did you always know it would become a trilogy?

Junzo Hosoi: the planning of Biggest Ryza 3 started right after the release of Biggest Ryza 2. When we started writing the idea for Bigger RyzaI always had the idea of ​​wanting the Secret series to end as a trilogy.

However, whether it really became a two-part series or continued as a trilogy was something we thought we would only decide after seeing player reactions to the game.

Since we have followed many characters in Biggest Ryza 3 for years and watching them grow, how has that affected the development of each person’s personal story arcs?

Hooi: Each of the characters has grown physically and emotionally throughout the games (Bigger Ryza, Bigger Ryza 2there Biggest Ryza 3). For example, Ryza encounters something known as alchemy, and as she learns more about it, she is able to deal with the problems facing her island, and Klaudia, Lent, and Tao also begin to decide on their own. own future.

In a way, “the future of friends” exemplifies the conclusion of the trilogy, so I hope everyone plays along and watches the decisions they make.

What led to Bos becoming a playable character in Biggest Ryza 3And did fan demand help influence it?

Hooi: Bos became a playable character based on fan feedback and feelings from the aligned development team. He’s a popular character, so there were some internal conversations to see if we could make one.
playable character, but given the progress of producing new characters and where it fits, there were some very challenging aspects.

In terms of the story, we thought the story should
include Bos for a reason, but since we wanted Biggest Ryza 2 continue to Bigger RyzaWe thought that having the members who deepened their bonds in the first adventure, the four characters of Ryza, Lent, Tao and Klaudia, would be the ones who would head to the capital and then have an adventure with the friends there.

Therefore, we decided to show Bos in Biggest Ryza 3.

The story of which character in Biggest Ryza 3 Do you think it offers the best progression and why?

Hooi: It’s hard to pick a single character as the best progression. Starting with Ryza, I think the stories of her and all of her friends on the island have taken shape and we’re very happy with that.

They are characters that I have been together with for many years, so I have a very strong feeling towards them.

Will we see paired endings in Biggest Ryza 3 Or different endings based on player choices?

Hooi: There is only one ending to the main story. That said, there are world quests that take place and are unique to each region, episodes for each character, and many other elements that can be enjoyed in addition to the main story.

Biggest Ryza 3 experienced a delay just before release. How have the last weeks of development been in a situation like this?

Hooi: The game consists of the largest volume of material in the Bigger series, such as the number of party members and the size of the field, so we focused on increasing the stability and optimization of the game.

Additionally, we’ve made some usability improvements, so there are tweaks that make this a better game for everyone. We deeply apologize for making everyone wait longer for the game to launch.

atelier ryza 3 final character interview
Will Ryza’s story definitely end in this episode, or could we see her return?

Hooi: Biggest Ryza 3 this is the end of Ryza’s story.

with the original Bigger Ryza, we’ve seen character-focused plugins. The sequel involved additional domains. What kind of DLC are you hoping to make for Biggest Ryza 3?

Hooi: We announced that there will be costumes including swimsuits, extra areas, recipe expansion packs, BGM packs, and more, so we plan to have content that will allow everyone to enjoy the game much longer.

What would you like to do next in Bigger series? Is there a new mechanic or element that you would like to discover in the future?

Hooi: I think it would be nice to introduce a main system outside of synthesis.

Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End and the Secret Key It’s coming to PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC on March 23, 2023 in Japan and March 24, 2023 globally.

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