Of course, not everything that you read on the Internet should be taken at face value or constitute dogma. Often it’s Htalk to talk about, as they say. Just yesterday we told you that The Last of Us father Neil Druckmann had made some statements about the future of the game series and that his next project “isn’t The Last of Us : Part III”, which probably means What they’re currently working on is “Factions” multiplayer, which will most likely be the studio’s next release (and apparently will be a full-fledged live service game somewhere between Destiny 2 and The Division 2). Meanwhile, a well-known Sony insider tells The Leak that Naughty Dog has started scripting the third game, already thinking about a future PlayStation 6.

“The Last of Us 3 is in development with Playstation 6 in mind.”

It makes sense that if the project started recently and has a development cycle of, say, four years, it wouldn’t hurt to launch alongside PlayStation 6 (which should be around four years away, probably) and PlayStation 5. , as an intergenerational title. What do you think?

The Last of Us: Part One
Will the story of the third part revolve around Abby or will it be a prologue with Joel and Tommy in the main roles?

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