• Live broadcasts on the Twitch platform have become the favorite space for video game lovers.

For this reason, many have decided to open their channel to give advice, tips or spend time with those who share the same passion. One of them is Karen Liao, who has gained great popularity on the streaming platform.

Within the “advantages” that those who are famous have on the platform of Amazon is that they can receive donations from their fans, precisely one of these transfers led the young woman to lose her mind and later to be harshly criticized.

And it is that he complained and attacked a user who donated a dollar: “Did you just donate me a dollar? What am I going to buy with that? Do not be an idiot. don’t be poor. Did you give me 1 dollar? Did you know? I’m only going to get 60 cents. Well, if you don’t subscribe right now I’ll ban you.”

The words of Liao went viral and although the video can no longer be found on his YouTube channel Twitch, The moment was already taken up on several social networks, where it is clear that the influencer did not think about the consequences of what she said.

The reactions were immediate, all criticizing the arrogant attitude of the content creator: “The funniest thing is that he is begging for money without doing anything useful, and he complains that they give him little”; “I have seen several of those, they should not even follow them and then there are those who tell you to see it for free so very humble”, among others, can be seen on networks.

Karen explained in another video that the man was banned because he had behaved in a toxic way in his chat and had insulted other members, not for the dollar he sent her.

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