We’ve been following the development of IDEA pretty much since its release. It seems the wait is over and finally this original puzzle title, the work of filmmaker and drone pilot Olli Huttunen, is now available on Steam for 11.99 euros and 4.99 euros in its version for iOS. Although it is already available on these two platforms, we will have to be attentive to the versions for Nintendo Switch and Android that will be released in the future.

IDEA can be defined as a puzzle platform title in which we have to direct a light bulb through real environments taken from drone images in a kind of realistic pinball machine. This bulb represents an idea that, at the end of each level, you can leave with a message for other players to find.


The title won several successes before its launch, such as the IndieCade award for best visual design or its position as a finalist in the prestigious Sense of Wonder Night at the Tokyo Games Show, last September. Additionally, it was one of our seven games featured at the BIG Conference Bilbao 2022 Indie Showcase.

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