In Octopath Traveler 2, playable characters can unlock powerful support abilities based on their work, which act as passive abilities during exploration and combat. One of them is advanced magic master for work Scholar, which is assigned by default to Osvald. The way this skill’s description is worded may confuse players, but our guide will tell you everything you need to know about the skill. The effect of Advanced Magic Master and how to unlock and use it.

Once you meet the requirements, Advanced Magic Master will be available.

The confusion surrounding the effect of the Skill stems from a bad translation of the original Japanese version of the game. In the English translation, the skill description reads:

Increases the number of times the equipped character can use more powerful spells by 1.

This tricks players into thinking they can cast powerful spells more times or deal elemental damage twice. However, this is wrong.. The Japanese text is more accurately translated as:

When an intense spell’s effect is granted, increases the number of times it can be applied by 1.

In other words, Advanced Magic Master does not grant more number of throwsbut higher activity time of spells Thanks to him, the effects will last for another turn.

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