Fortnite Most Wanted Missions allow players to have fun with the new added mechanics. For the Going in Loud subcategory of the Most Wanted quest, you’ll need to cause as much mayhem and mayhem as possible. One of the missions you’ll have to do is to throw and blow up a gas canister, which may seem complicated, but it really isn’t. So, to help you progress through these missions quickly, here’s how you can throw and detonate a gas canister in the Fortnite Most Wanted mission.

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How to complete the Throw and Blow Up a Gas Can mission in Fortnite Most Wanted

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To throw and explode a gas can in Fortnite Most Wanted, you must first find gas cans. Although they are relatively scattered, there are places on the map where you will always find at least one. If you go to the garage northwest of the Citadel, you can find over a dozen gas cans. This is probably the best place to find Gas Cans on the map. You can see the exact location of the garage in the image above.

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From the way the mission is worded, you’d think you should detonate the gas canister while it’s in the air. However, you don’t have to do anything that complicated. Simply take one of the gas cans from the garage (or any other location on the map) and drop it in front of you. Then, aim for the gas can and shoot it.

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fortnite detonating gasoline canister

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After a few seconds the gas canister will explode and this Fortnite Most Wanted quest will be complete. If you’re wondering why there are 2 objectives for this Fortnite Most Wanted mission, it’s because the two actions you need to take are throwing the gas can and also blowing it up.

If you just shoot any random gas canister and it explodes, then pick up a random gas canister and throw it, the mission will also end that way. It doesn’t matter how long you wait to explode the gas can after throwing it.


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