How to save in Diablo 4 – Game News

How to save in Diablo 4 – Game News

The Diablo 4 beta is in full swing and players are getting a taste of the latest title in the series created by Blizzard. In typical Diablo fashion, fans will see their inventory fill with unwanted loot as they explore the deep dungeons and cellars of Sanctuary. Much of this loot indicates that it will unlock a new skin or drop crafting materials when picked up. The option to pick up items is not offered when directly interacting with the item, but many players are wondering how to do it. Let’s discuss how to recover in Diablo 4.

Where to Collect Materials in Diablo IV

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In order to collect junk items in Diablo 4, you will first need to complete the introductory experience until you reach the town of Kyovashad in Fractured Peaks. This town is the central hub of the area and contains all the measures of NPCs and vendors waiting to interact with adventurers.

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To collect your equipment, you must find the blacksmith indicated on the map via an anvil. This NPC is the only way to break down unnecessary gear into crafting materials while unlocking it as a cosmetic option for future use.

What items can be collected in Diablo IV?

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When you interact with the blacksmith, a menu will immediately appear on the left side of the screen offering different ways to collect items from your inventory. You can choose to collect everything or only certain equipment.

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Players can mark items as junk by interacting with them in inventory, which makes it easier to scavenge as there is an option to scavenge all junk through the blacksmith. You can also choose to collect based on the rarity of the item.


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