The Last Spell is a game about tactics and how to resist the onslaught of enemies that happens every night. Throughout the game, you will constantly have to rebuild your city to prepare for the next onslaught from your fierce enemies. When rebuilding, you need to place new buildings to further help your heroes defend the city and keep everyone safe. Since space is limited, you need to consider where you place your buildings. This guide will show you how to rotate buildings in The Last Spell.

Can you rotate buildings in The Last Spell?

Many tactical games that allow you to place buildings allow you to rotate or alter them to better suit an area. For this reason, it would make sense if you could rotate your buildings in The Last Spell. Unfortunately, in the current state of the game, there is no way to rotate buildings in your city. The game doesn’t allow you to rotate buildings before or after placing them, so you end up with everyone facing the same direction.

As you place your buildings, you will see several green tiles that show you where you can safely place them. While it’s nice to rotate buildings to better fit the city, you should have plenty of space for all your buildings, and avoiding building limitations helps make the game more tactical. As the game is still new, the developers can always add the feature to the game later. Unfortunately, since the game uses pre-made buildings, it’s unlikely the feature will be added, which means you’ll be stuck with state houses in the future. There are at least many different buildings in the game to make your city design interesting.

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