Since its first release in 2018, Dead Cells has seen many years of constant updates and quality of life improvements. The developer is listening to the community and responding accordingly, adding more weapons, items, biomes, bosses, and general features to interact with. One of those features was a way to adjust the game’s difficulty. This guide explains how to play Dead Cells on “easy mode” so you don’t get too frustrated trying to beat it.

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How to play “easy mode” in Dead Cells?

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To start playing Dead Cells in “easy mode”, you must die. Start a race, go as far as you can and wait for death to take you when it all becomes too much. Then, when you get up, you’ll find yourself in the prisoners’ quarters. This is your main hub for the game, but it won’t start filling up with NPCs until you die the first time around.

It is after this first death that you will meet the Doctor for the first time. This NPC will spawn in the hallway below your spawn point. Do not rush because the Doctor is essential to start Dead Cells in “easy mode”.

When talking to the Doctor, you can open the Aspects menu. Each of the skins gives your character a huge boost in several ways. For example, taking toxin lover allows you to be healed by toxic gas clouds and the toxic puddles you find in the toxic sewer biome. if you choose fire starteryou’ll get +100% damage from your fire attacks and a whopping +200% damage from the purple flames you produce.

There are many more skins to play with, although you can only equip one at a time. However, taking them has a downside. With an equipped aspect, you will not be able to claim the boss stem cells. These items are dropped by bosses and are used to access Dead Cells’ true ending. They also increase the difficulty of the game as you progress through each version of the new game. If you don’t mind missing this, at least on your first run, equip yourself with the skins that help you progress. You can always restart without Aspect and find the true ending later.

Skins were added to Dead Cells with the Practice Makes Perfect update. They lock you into what most would call the simplest version of the game, letting you grind through it to get at least one achievement under your belt. This update also added the Training Room, which allows you to familiarize yourself with your weapons and items before facing enemies. We recommend that you take full advantage of it if you are still having problems with the game.

All aspects on dead cells

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There are thirteen aspects to play with in Dead Cells. We’ve summarized what they are below so you can get an idea of ​​how game-changing they are. The first three are unlocked from the start, but you’ll have to unlock the others by dying over and over again.

  • toxin lover: Poison pools and toxic gases heal you instead of damaging you.
  • fire starter: Flames deal +100% damage and Violet Flames deal +200% damage.
  • Romper: Enemies take a large amount of damage when you break their frost.
  • Killer: Instantly kill all non-boss enemies you attack with your first hit while invisible.
  • Implacable: You are invincible if you have recoverable HP. The amount of HP you lack multiplies your damage.
  • blood drinker: Each melee hit on a bleeding target restores 3% of your maximum HP.
  • Damn you: The spawn rate of cursed chests is doubled. Curses no longer kill you, but double the damage you take and inflict on enemies.
  • i have to go fast: Takes 50% less damage and deals 100% more damage while increasing speed. Any speed increase lasts twice as long.
  • Grenadier: Resets the cooldown of your grenade when you kill an enemy with it.
  • Menagerie: For each pet, inflicts +100% damage. This is reduced to +25% for each Biter.
  • trample: Deals four times more damage to enemies during falling and dive attacks.
  • Superconductor: Your Electric damage over time now bounces between enemies. Each time he jumps to a new target, he deals 50% more damage.
  • Gypsy: Sets the cooldown of all deployables to one second.

Is there a “hard mode” in Dead Cells?

Liberando a Richter and Dead Cells Return to CastlevaniaGamepur screenshot

There are several ways to increase the difficulty in Dead Cells. First, you can collect Boss Stem Cells and increase the intensity of the world. There are five in total, and each can be injected or removed before leaving the prisoner’s quarters and running. Stacking all five will greatly increase the difficulty of the game and make your life extremely difficult.

Added another way to increase the difficulty of Dead Cells with the Return to Castlevania DLC. Once you unlock Richter Mode, you can play a new version of the game with a character that has a much more limited playstyle. You will get a weapon and an item. Richter also has a very limited set of moves, which combine to make the game much harder than the standard version.


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