Hogwarts Legacy has tons of hidden secrets that are often locked behind various locks and hard-to-open doors. Sometimes these locks are in places you don’t expect to go, like the Slytherin Scriptorium. On his way to the Scriptorium, he comes across strange locks with snakes and symbols on them. If you don’t solve one in time, the snake will attack you. The pressure is there. This guide will show you how to open Slytherin locks in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Solve Slytherin Locks at Hogwarts Legacy

Once you have progressed enough in the game, you will receive a quest from Sebastian called In the Shadow of Study. During this mission, you will have to help Sebastian and Ominis to enter the Slytherin Scriptorium. The first puzzle in this quest is figuring out how to open the door to the Scriptorium. This is the easiest part of the quest and is completed by simply lighting the three braziers in the hallway outside the Scriptorium entrance. You will encounter tasks similar to this when completing Merlin’s Trials.

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After entering the passage leading to the Scriptorium, you will find strange padlocks with symbols and snakes on them. If you try to solve these blocks and fail, the snake will jump up and attack you. To solve these Slytherin blocks, you will need to match the correct symbols. Of course, you need to know which symbols are needed to open each lock.

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Look around the chambers and you will see several iron-barred doors bearing symbols. The symbols on the lock should match those on the door. Once the symbols match, the door will open, allowing you to walk through the chamber. There are several locks like this on your way to the Scriptorium. Be sure to remember symbols or take a screenshot if needed so you can troubleshoot crashes.


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