There are several parallel stories in octopathic traveler 2 tied to Partitio and its The Scent of Commerce quests, and access to the Mercantile Scroll of Sai is one of them. It’s basically access to a glossary and library that offers information about the world and the things in it. It’s also incredibly quick and easy to fill out, if you have the time and 6,000 sheets.

First, make sure Partitio is in your party when you’re in Sai. There is a small hill in the town with a house on it. If Partitio is nearby, you’ll recognize the badge on a cart up the hill. You will then realize that it belongs to the legendary merchant Masoud, who wrote the Merchant Manuscript.

However, Masoud will not only give you access to Partitio. He wants a merchant’s greatest treasure. From there, go down the hill and approach the woman near the well. She is Masoud’s daughter. Engage her as Partitio at night. It will cost you 1,000 sheets. Take her to her father.

Then you will see more exposure. After the three talk, Partitio and Masoud’s daughter will leave. He will then give you a clue as to the answer to the “quiz”. Partitio will also think about it and find the appropriate answer.

From there, return to Masoud in the evening. Ask Partitio to hire him for 5,000 sheets. This will complete the quest and you will get the Merchant Manuscript Archive Key. octopathic traveler 2. This opens the door to the building behind Masoud on Sai.

octopathic traveler 2 is available for Switch, PS4, PS5 and PC. A demo is available.

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