Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has a massive collection of Exotic Weapons, a rarity that gives weapons a special power players can’t find anywhere else. This includes the Exotic Dragon’s Breath sniper, which deals hundreds of damage and has a short-lasting burn effect on anyone it hits. Its strength can certainly result in one-hit kills, but it will take some research (and keys) to get the weapon. This is the Dragon’s Breath sniper location in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

Where to find the Dragon’s Breath sniper in Fortnite

Despite how powerful Dragon’s Breath Sniper is, the weapon will only spawn in random Holo Chest locations each match. This means players must unlock their Holo Chest with at least two keys, a collectible that appears inside standard chests. That being said, in our experience Dragon’s Breath Sniper will most likely be found in a Holo Chest location in the snowy region of the map, especially since it often spawns at the Beep ‘n Bounce gas station (like indicated below). on one of the boats on the nearby North Shore.

Gamepur screenshot

If you’re desperate for keys, you can talk to the NPC CRZ-8, as he can sell you up to five keys for just 100 gold each. Once you get the sniper, you will find that it deals a total of 121 base damage and a single headshot to opponents eliminates them instantly. Additionally, the weapon has a single magazine size, although basic sniper ammo is compatible with the weapon.

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It’s also important to note that the weapon cannot be purchased from any NPC, but certain characters can be hired to help protect you while hunting. In addition to the sniper, some may find it more useful to pick up the season’s various Mythic rarity weapons, including a Mythic Suppressed Havoc Assault Rifle that’s in the hands of the almighty boss Highcard.


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