In this article you will learn how to get more pilots in Phantom Brigade. We also explain the term concussion.

Phantom Brigade is a new game about robots. In this title we can see five seconds into the future and plan our moves accordingly. Fans of big robots appreciate the genre’s interesting (and tactical) approach. The game attracts the attention of thousands of players. In this guide we will tell you how to get more pilots as they are vital for all fights.

Ghost Brigade – Concussion and Pilots

Pilots are just as important as mechs because they control these big robots. If you want to have a big army, you have to recruit them.

are characterized by:

  1. Health;
  2. Resistance to concussions;
  3. No concussion.

if you don’t know what concussion Yes, we have an answer! In short, it’s the direct damage the pilot may suffer. Too much and the soldier will be stunned, even if the mechanism is fully operational.

Some weapons can cause concussion damage. This means they are able to hit the pilot (more or less) directly. Using weapons with this feature is a good way to acquire intact mechanisms.

Phantom Brigade – How to Get More Pilots

In the conquered land you can find refueling points. These are your basics. When you hover over them, you will see a blue signature. You can’t miss this. They are also recognizable by the round arrow with 3 points in the center.

when you go there, you will see options to recruit pilots and repair robots (in the lower left corner of the screen). Getting new soldiers will take you 5 hours of gameplay (you can speed up the time in the upper right corner). You also need to pay 200 supplies (you can get them by scrapping mechanical parts).

Remember a few points:

  1. You no more pilots can be recruited before the end of the tutorial (you will unlock the ability to recruit after the first region).
  2. There is a maximum number pilots
  3. You must have at least 200 supplies.
  4. After selecting Base Rest and Resupply, you may have to leave the supply point and return before recruiting a pilot. This is a common mistake.
  5. There are people who claim that found a bug and they can’t have more pilots. Take it into consideration.

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