Do you want to build a huge army in Company of Heroes 3? If so, it should have an appropriate population limit. In this guide, we explain this concept. Get more business with us.

Company of Heroes 3 combines elements of turn-based strategy and RTS. You can play it in single and multiplayer mode. In both cases, it is important to have a large army. If you want to test the campaign, you need to create companies. In this guide, we will tell you about it and you will learn how a larger army is related to the population cap.

Company in Company of Heroes 3

Company in Company of Heroes 3 is used in the campaign. It is a single autonomous unit, which can move around the strategic map and interact with cities and other objects and armies. If you want to earn fast, you need to recruit a lot of them.. This is the only way to build a stable front.

There are a few types of businesses. You can rent infantry, planes, vehicles and ships. Each type of unit is different and offers various advantages. They can also support surrounding armies in RTS battles.. It is also important to mention that they can gain experience. If you earn enough, you can buy useful upgrades for the company.

Company of Heroes 3 – Population Limit Issues

All companies in Company of Heroes 3 it costs some resources. There are 4: manpower, ammunition, fuel and population limit. (check them in the lower right corner of the screen). You can earn the top 3 by winning battles and capturing strategic points in the form of deposits. The problem starts with the population limit.

Based on our experience, we can tell you that most of the time you have enough resources to buy a new business, but you don’t have the right amount of population limit. This is problematic because you can only increase this “currency” by conquering ports. These are towns with an anchor next to their name.

How to recruit more companies in Company of Heroes 3

If you have enough resources, you must find a port or airfield (you cannot rent units just anywhere). Enter it and press the button house icon in the lower right corner (or Z key). You can also rent battleship. You get one at the start of the campaign. It is very useful, as a mobile way to increase your forces.

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