Get ready to sow the seeds of growth and nurture your virtual family tree with The Sims 4 Grow Together expansion. This latest addition to the game is all about exploring the joys of parenthood and the ups and downs of family life. You’ll experience all the thrills of potty training, supervising homework, and toddler tantrums, all while watching your Sims grow and evolve. It even features a new town on the map for you to enjoy: charming San Sequoia. If the game lets you access it, of course. Unfortunately, many players are having trouble accessing certain features of the Growing Together expansion, including the inability to travel to San Sequoia.

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How to get to San Sequoia in The Sims 4 Grow Together

Gamepur screenshot

The Sims 4 community is thrilled with the new family paradise of San Sequoia. Yet, sadly, some anxious Simmers are experiencing a “blank screen of doom” after the Growing Together expansion was released.

Mods and official content don’t mix. Mod content that was once used to support the game has been replaced with recently introduced official content. This all results in a broken and glitchy gaming experience. So before you throw your computer out the window in frustration, take a deep breath and do some mod detective work. Find out which mods are compatible with the latest expansion and which are outdated. Keep in mind that The Sims 4 mod community tends to be quite active, so modders will likely fix incompatible mods soon.

Infamously popular world building mod mexi twistedTHE TOOL is incompatible with the new expansion, leaving Simmers without his beloved tuning overlay. But don’t despair just yet, there’s still hope that Twisted Mexi will step in and fix things soon. However, you might want to keep this mod out of your game until they release official confirmation that the mod is supported.


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