Hogwarts Legacy is full of various collectibles, secrets, and items to discover as you explore the highlands. Each area of ​​the game has collectible chests to find and they grant you cosmetic items and wand hilts. Finding these chests will also increase your world exploration percentage. There are five Collector Chests scattered along the Clagmar Coast in the southern part of the map. This guide will show you how to find all Clagmar Coast Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy.

All Clagmar Coast Collections Chests at Hogwarts Legacy

There are a total of five chests to find scattered around the Clagmar Coast area of ​​the map. This is the southernmost part of the map that you can access after passing through the Goblin Camp that leads to the coast of Poidsear. We recommend using your broom to get to this area as it is quite a distance from the castle.

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A collector’s chest can be found in a small bandit camp in the far west of the region. The bandit camp is located on the cliffs along the beach. The chest is also located next to the treasure chest entrance in the area.

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One of the Collector Chests is in the northwest part of the area. In this area, there is another bandit camp resting high on the cliffs above a troll lair. Eliminate the enemies and locate the large tent at the back of the camp. Enter the shop and turn left to find the chest.

Legacy of Hogwarts Clagmar Coast Chest 4

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A collection chest can be found along the western cliffs of the area at a poachers camp. Enter the camp and defeat the enemies. Once they’re gone, locate the quilt shop near the large barrel. Inside, you’ll find the Collector’s Chest.

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All Clagmar Castle Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

Two of the Clagmar Coast Collector Chests can be found in Clagmar Castle. This location is in the center of the region and has a Floo Flame fast travel point that you can travel to.

Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Castle

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The first of the collection chests is on the north side of the castle, near where the bell puzzle is for the quest Solved by the bell. Check the green and brown striped tent and you’ll find the collection chest inside.

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From the first chest, turn around and you’ll see a larger tent with an awning. Enter the shop and turn right to find the second collectible chest in the area.

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Legacy of Hogwarts Clagmar Coast Chest 2

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Once you’ve found all of the chests, you can begin completing the various Trials of Merlin found across the map.


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