Players can customize their character’s appearance in final fantasy xiv, ranging from their hairstyles, their makeup and even the dyeing of their equipment. However, there are certain prerequisites that players must first unlock in order to dye their gear. This guide will break down the relatively simple process of dyeing your gear into final fantasy xiv.

First, you’ll need to get your character to level 15 in any melee or caster class. After that, you will need to gain access to Ul’dah. If you have already started in this town, you can now travel to Vesper Bay to speak to Swyrgeim. If your starting city is not Ul’dah, you will need to progress through the main storyline quests before you can access the other main cities. Either way, progression will eventually get you there. This is where players can learn to dye their gear by final fantasy xiv.

Teleport to Horizon or unlock the Aetheryte there and bring the Chocobokeep to Vesper Bay. It’s also the most convenient way to return to Vesper Bay at any time during your adventures in final fantasy xiv. You can find Swyrgeim there at X:12.6,Y:14.4. Undertaking the “Color Your World” quest and completing it now will allow you to dye your gear. Kill gear can be created through the character menu.

Please note that not all equipment can be dyed. However, some gear can be made modifiable through specific quest lines, such as various pieces of Artifact gear.

final fantasy xiv It is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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