How to Create Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator – Game News

How to Create Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator – Game News

While many new students of magic will no doubt want to experience the legacy of Hogwarts with their own original character, some may want to play as the iconic wizard himself, Harry Potter. After all, it’s hard not to imagine the boarding school for witches and wizards without the one in whose name all Hogwarts lore is centered and named. However, while Hogwarts Legacy’s in-game character creator offers plenty of variety, it lacks detailed customization, which makes the process of creating a portrayal of Harry Potter somewhat difficult.

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Can you play as Harry Potter at Hogwarts Legacy? | Create Harry Potter at Hogwarts Legacy

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The main dispute that will likely arise in the minds of fans when creating Harry Potter at Hogwarts Legacy is whether the character should be based on the books or the appearance played by the famous Daniel Radcliffe. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll cover how to create a character closer to Harry’s version of Daniel, but a few points will be made about how the protagonist wizard looks in the novels. Anyway, for starters, you can choose the male silhouette in row 1, column 4 of the Presets screen.

Harry Potter masks at Hogwarts Legacy

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For your Harry Potter character’s face mask in Hogwarts Legacy, the default face shape that comes with the selected preset above will suffice. It should be noted that the books mention that he had a “thin face”, but Daniel always had a charming “baby fat” look that makes his face look boyish. If you want a less “chubby” look, row 4 column 5 is a good alternative. Make sure the skin color is as pale as possible and give your Harry Potter his signature round glasses.

Harry Potter hairstyles in Hogwarts Legacy

Hairstyle options for creating a Harry Potter character at Hogwarts Legacy

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Choosing Harry’s hairstyle in Hogwarts Legacy is complicated, as it will depend on preferences and whether you intend to stick to the books. Row 9, column 3 is a perfect match for how Harry Potter looked during the final stages of his journey, as the default hair color of the selected preset is a good choice. However, giving him jet black “hair” would be closer to what the books say about his appearance. Also, if the recommended hairstyle is too short, consider switching to another great option, row 2 column 5, which adds more volume to Harry’s head.

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Tez from Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy

Build options to create a Harry Potter character at Hogwarts Legacy

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Harry Potter has no visible freckles, moles, or blemishes, so he can keep the complexion sliders all the way left at Hogwarts Legacy. Unfortunately, the Scars and Marks selection doesn’t give us Harry’s signature “thunderbolt” for your character’s forehead. So the closest thing to this feature would be the forked scar in column 4 of row 2. Looking at it from the side, it might look like a lightning bolt in Hogwarts Legacy.

Harry Potter eyebrows at Hogwarts Legacy

Eyebrow Options for Creating a Harry Potter Character at Hogwarts Legacy

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The best choice for Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter eyebrows is row 2, column 1. You don’t need to change the eyebrow color, but your choice of eye color will depend on whether you prefer Daniel Radcliffe’s light blue eyes or the “brilliant green” of the book. eyes.” Whichever you choose, the result should be a great look for your playable Harry Potter.


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