In this guide, we will tell you how to return the cargo to the contraband police. We will also introduce how to count it successfully.

Contraband Police is a new simulation game. The player can become a policeman who controls the cars on the border. The work is not easy. It is often necessary to check the load. To do this successfully, you need to unzip it. It is not mandatory, but very useful. In this guide, we will tell you how to return the cargo and count it.

How to count the charge in contraband police

How to count and return cargo in Contraband Police - image #1

  1. first of all you need take out your notebook (the default C key).
  2. press the left mouse button.
  3. Head towards the load: you can click the left mouse button each time or wait (This is the fastest way to perform this task.)
  4. Your character will notice items, cargo charged will be highlighted (you can see it if you hold down the left mouse button).
  5. The best way to make sure you don’t miss anything is unpack the load. But then you have to return it.

How to return the cargo in the smuggling police

How to count and return cargo in Contraband Police - image #2

  1. When you finish counting the load, you must return it to complete the inspection.
  2. To do this you must talk to a policemanwhich is near.
  3. Talk with alguacil maximov. It is the same person who cleans the cars after the owner is imprisoned.
  4. the man can be found near the temporary storage area (the place where the load appears after unpacking it).
  5. do not forget compare loading confirmed with loading list.
  6. To use: You don’t have to repay if you find contraband. Stop the driver and drive to Maximov to take care of the car (clear inspection area). The charge will also disappear.

We cover this information and more in our guide – Police Against Contraband – Tips and Tricks. Read it to learn all the necessary tips. Start your adventure with ease.

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