The Last Dose is the final ending of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC in Grand Theft Auto Online. With six new missions, the story is packed with action with guns, drugs and lots of violence against Friedlander and his team. The mission that starts the story of The Last Dose is called This is an Intervention. Here’s how you can complete This is an intervention mission in the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC.

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This is a walkthrough for Intervention – GTA Online

The mission begins with you meeting Dax and his crew at the Freakshop, where they’ll be up for their basic shenanigans. Suddenly, some men dressed in white will kidnap Labrat and many others will attack Freakshop. Your job will be to survive and defend Freakshop from Labrat’s captors throughout the mission.

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Enemies attack in front and behind. You can use an Assault Rifle, Shotgun, or anything that does high damage to take them out quickly. Of course, staying in cover is always necessary for these types of encounters in the game. While enemies on the ground are generally easy to take out, you’ll also have to deal with some helicopters. You can destroy tankers and large gas canisters to take out some of them and give yourself an advantage. But make sure you are not near them as they will kill you instantly.

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Usually the enemies will come in two or three waves in cars. After eliminating them all, you will need to meet Dax in the Freakshop. With this, the missions will be completed and then you will be rewarded with money and RP.


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