When you’re in Clockbank, the Clock Tower Technician is at a dead end. The city clock tower is not working. The bridge to get there is broken. Although it doesn’t seem obvious how to get there, complete the “For Whom the Clock Tower Bends” side story in octopathic traveler 2 it involves going down some dark stairs, taking an NPC somewhere, and fighting a pretty big boss called Heavenwing.

The first thing you want to do after getting the “Who the Clock Tower Leans For” in octopathic traveler 2 It’s about seducing, befriending, guiding or hiring the Clock technician who offered you the mission. (I found it costs a Superior Jerky if you use Ochette.)

From there, head to the Clockbank Tavern. Directly to the south is a staircase that leads to a pier. Drop down and navigate east under the bridge that brought you to town, then north to the clock tower.

This old clock tower is a level 44 area. My team had just passed level 45 when I entered, and I still found the Heavenwing boss difficult. There is a save point just before, so you can create a save. When the battle begins, the 92,000 HP Heavenwing will block three of its five weaknesses. He has seven shield points. It’s weak against swords, spears, axes, bows, and thunder, so make sure your party members can use those types of physical attacks and spells.

You will get a Wind Feather for defeating Heavenwing. After the Clock Tower Technician takes care of everything, you’ll get an Invigorating Nut (L) and 10,000 Blades, and the octopathic traveler 2 The side story “For Whom the Clock Tower Bends” will be made.

octopathic traveler 2 is available for Switch, PS4, PS5 and PC. A demo is available.

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