The world of Hogwarts Legacy is full of puzzles, traps, and plenty of quests that will keep you busy for hours. While most of the side quests you’ll encounter come from your classmates, some come from the citizens of Hogsmeade and the surrounding mazes. One of these quests comes from Claire Beaumont, who lives in northern Upper Hogsfield. She has a problem with some goblin camps nearby that need to be cleared. This guide will show you how to complete Breaking Camp at Hogwarts Legacy.

Breaking Camp and Hogwarts Legacy Tutorial

This quest appears quite early in the game, but you might not find it until later. Claire Beaumont is located north of Hogsmeade in Upper Hogsfield. To get to this area, simply follow the road that goes north from Hogsmeade. Claire is in the center of the small town in a store stall. She also sells potion supplies in case you need them.

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Talk to Claire and she’ll tell you that her brother tried to confront the dark wizards who came to town and they’ve set up camps nearby that need to be cleared. Once you’re done talking to him, you’ll get two markers on your map showing the camp locations. Head southeast of town to find the first camp. It’s full of goblins who can easily overwhelm you if you’re not careful, but the Expelliarmus spell can take care of their weapons.

Hogwarts Legacy Goblin Camp

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The second camp is a little further south of the first. Like the first camp, this one is filled with goblins. Keep your cool and watch out for anyone with shields that need to be destroyed. Be sure to search each camp for additional equipment and galleons. Once the camps are cleared, return to Claire for your reward. You will eventually get components for your problem.


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