Allies are friendly little flying mobs that were introduced in Minecraft’s 1.19 Wild update. There are only two places where you can find Allays: Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions. Pull the lever outside the cells they’re locked in and they’ll fly away. You can give them items, and they will find and collect more of that item nearby if possible. Any Allay you’ve given an item to will follow you wherever you go. There are usually several Allais imprisoned in each Raider Outpost or Woodland Manor, but if you want even more, it’s possible to spawn them.

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How to Farm Allies in Minecraft

An alloy will double if you give it an amethyst shard while a jukebox is playing nearby. Therefore, this breeding recipe requires several components: an alloy, an amethyst shard, a jukebox and a music disc. Once you find allies in a looter outpost or woodland mansion, you can have them follow you by giving them items, then if you want them to stay put, you can build your own cell to keep them indoors.

How to Find Amethyst Shards

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Obtain Amethyst Fragments by mining fully grown Amethyst Tufts, which grow into Budding Amethyst Blocks, which in turn can be found in Amethyst Geodes, which can be found anywhere between depths of -58 and 30 (we found two amethyst geodes together at around -35, luckily almost directly below Woodland Mansion where we found some godes).

How to get a jukebox and music disc

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Making a jukebox is quite simple, it requires a workstation, eight boards and a diamond, but finding a music disc is much more difficult. Different types of Music Discs can be found in chests in Dungeons, Ancient Towns, Wooded Mansions, Buried Treasures, Fortresses, and Remains of Strongholds, but a relatively easy way to get one is to cheat a Skeleton so that it kills a vine, which makes the vine . deposit a music disc


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