In Hitman World of Assassination, your ability to take down threats, disguise yourself, and infiltrate hostile locations will be continually tested. This is highlighted in the Berlin level, where there is an achievement called Last Call. The description reads: “Own the club and sit down with the ICA.” In this mission, called Apex Predator, the ICA is chasing Agent 47 and you need to eliminate at least five of them to send a pushback message. Doing this achievement will unlock several challenges when you do and will test your stealth and infiltration skills. Here’s how to unlock the Last Call in Berlin Achievement/Trophy.

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How to become a club owner and sit with the ICA in Berlin

The first thing you need to do is go to Hirschmuller’s office on level -2, which is the bottom of the nightclub in Berlin. This will require several costume changes and will pass tons of guards and most likely some ICA agents. On the way down, we recommend getting your hands on an uzi that likely has a guard. You’ll be in a firefight for this achievement, so you need some firepower.

Upon arrival, you will find Rolf Hirschmuller talking to two cyclists. Sneak around to the left and you’ll find a gramophone you can activate. This will distract Hirschmuller. Lean against the box and overpower Rolf when he comes to turn off the phonograph.

Once Rolf is subdued, hide his body in the nearby locker and search the floor for his phone book. Soon, bikers will be up and out of the office, so there’s no need to interact with them.

hitman 3 last call 4

After they leave, head to the bar phone and interact with it to schedule a meeting with the head of security, the head of this ICA mission to take down 47, named Agent Montgomery. Send him a message and he’ll come down.

hitman 3 last call 5

If you’ve eliminated at least one of the other ICA Agents, what are your chances at this point you’ll hear through the earpiece that they know you’re not who you say you are. Equip your uzi and sit in the desk chair. Eventually, Montgomery will arrive and sit down to talk to you.

When you sit down on the chair, you will notice a prompt to kick the table. DON’T do it yet. Let Montgomery speak and you will see other officers slowly enter the room. When they enter and stand up, 47 will recognize them and confirm that they are CIA agents. Agents can sometimes take a while to get to the meeting, so please be patient.

hitman 3 last call6

When three agents are standing behind Montgomery, you can now kick the table. The move will send Montgomery reeling and Agent 47 will use him as cover. Take out your uzi and kill the four enemies. Once they’ve been dealt with, start heading towards an escape. It doesn’t matter what costume you’re wearing right now; You will be considered hostile in this lower part of the club, so you may have to deal with more guards. If you exceed the five ICA agents killed by the mission, they will begin to evacuate. Pick at least one and you’ll complete the Drive It Home challenge.

hitman 3 last call7

Grab a club security disguise and once you level up you should be free to hit exfiltration. Once the level is completed, the achievement will unlock.

John Hansen contributed to this article.


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