Impacto Genshin is not the only HoYoVerse game to receive an update in the first half of April 2023. The Hyperion Lounge update reported the Honkai Impact 3rd The release date for version 6.5 is April 6, 2023. The title this time is Hot Sands Getaway. It will bring Chapter XXXVI of the story, Susannah Manatt’s Valkyrie Quicksand battlesuit, and new events. There will also be two new outfits for existing battle suits.

The announcement noted that Story Chapter XXXVI: Hailing from Nagazora will begin with Seele and Susannah. The two follow a new lead after the Great Eruption and the main events involving Kiana and Mei in XXXV. Susannah will also be the star of the Meow Town Getaway event to interact with the cats and learn from Durandal, Li Sushang and Rita. There will also be a HOMU World Tour Competitive Championship coming later.

Here is the trailer for Honkai Impact 3rd 6.5. It starts with Seele and Susannah together. After that, he focuses on Susannah’s new battle outfit. Once done, it displays Chapter XXXVI of Nagazora’s story, Meow Town Escape event, Turn Up the Music outfit for Herrscher from Sentience Fu Hua, and Peachy Spring outfit for Herrscher from Human: Ego Elysia.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for PC and mobile, and its Hot Sands Escapade 6.5 update release date is April 6, 2023.

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