Before the launch of Hogwarts Legacy, we could assure that it was going to be a big hit thanks to the fact that it was the best-selling game on Steam for the four weeks leading up to its launch, thanks to its pre-sales. It’s been 2 weeks since the release of Hogwarts Legacy and Warner Bros. Discovery has announced that it has already passed the 12 million units soldgenerating more than $850 million profit.

This Thursday, a financial report was produced by Warner Bros. Discovery where sales of Hogwarts Legacy in its first two weeks were revealed, in addition to the CEO David Zaslav said the company would continue to focus on operating the Harry Potter franchise. Additionally, it has been reported that Hogwarts Legacy recorded more than 280 million hours played to date, breaking all company records.

A few days after the launch of Hogwarts Legacy we report that it is the biggest launch in Europe since Rockstar Games gave us Red Dead Redemption 2, without however taking into account the Call of Duty and Fifa franchises which seem insurmountable. Additionally, Hogwarts Legacy remained the best seller of the week in the UK, so it will be interesting to see how long it holds up.

In the case of Steam, Hogwarts Legacy continues to be the bestseller since its launch, which is why it has managed to be in the first position of the best-selling video game table in six of the seven weeks this year. Similarly, it will be interesting to see how long Hogwarts Legacy manages to remain the bestseller on Steam.

The CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery’s David Zaslav says the company will continue to build on the Harry Potter franchise, which aligns with the report that HBO Max will produce a series based on Hogwarts Legacy, set a century before the events of Harry Potter. novels and movies.

Despite Hogwarts Legacy’s incredible launch, Avalanche Software says it has no plans to create any DLC for the game, so there’s no point in waiting for expansions just yet. This makes sense given that the studio still has to work on the other versions of Hogwarts Legacy, since the game will be released on April 4 in its version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while the Nintendo Switch version will be available until April 4.

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